Side projects nearly complete

On Friday I have to give a progress presentation for my PhD.  I could give the presentation in one slide, but I won’t.  That slide would say: “Bit off too much. Research permit took 18 months.  Not much progress.”  So, what have been doing since May last year, when I last seriously thought about my PhD?

I have completed several consultancies including a major edit of Malaysia’s State of the Coral Triangle Report, completed a final report for Malaysia’s USAID Coral Triangle Support Partnership Programme, proof-read a book about ecological connectivity, published 5 articles in Action Asia magazine (with Eric Madeja), traveled to USA, France, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and one day in Australia.  And, this week, finally, submitted the last of the major products for the Coral Triangle book.

And now I need to get to writing a progress report.  And then…. a PhD.  And then…..

One response to “Side projects nearly complete

  1. Ceza Kassem

    it is a good balance sheet . Good work. Is it possible to see your progress report… Very interested in your work. Too bad mine is in Arabic cannot share…Much love…

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