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North Sulawesi getaway

Fareea and I have a long list of places we want to visit in Indonesia.  They range from national parks to volcanoes to cultural events.  Its such a vast and diverse country, I can’t imagine seeing it all.  A few weeks ago, I made a visit to some of WCS’ project sites in North Sulawesi province.  It was amazing going to the islands between Indonesia and Philippines.  Some of them were the original Spice Islands with nutmeg and mace and other spices growing there still.

At the end of the trip, Fareea came to meet me in North Sulawesi and we enjoyed a few days of diving in Bunaken National Park for diving and at Tangkoko National Park to see some birds and endemic monkeys.

North Sulawesi with markers on Bunaken National Park and Tangkoko National Park

We had 4 days of diving in Bunaken National Park.  Each day we took a 30 minute boat ride from the resort on the mainland over to the park.  The park has a few islands, including one amazing volcano and lots of amazing reefs with deep drop-offs and big underwater walls.  We saw turtles, corals, gorgeous reef fish, a few sharks…. and on a couple of the passages over to the islands, pods of 50+ dolphins!

Bunaken National Park and the breakfast view from the resort.

Tangkoko National Park is a small park at the northern tip of the island.  We spent two nights, hiked more than 20 km in one day, and saw all the top birds of North Sulawesi!