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The Coral Triangle: Saving the Amazing Undersea World of Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste

Nearly one year after we started working intensively on the book it is finally published and available for sale.  My co-author, Eric Madeja, and I traveled to Indonesia, Timor Leste, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines as we collected stories and images for the book.  We met some really wonderful people along the way and had incalculable support and assistance from friends and loved ones.

Front cover of The Coral Triangle book

Front cover of The Coral Triangle book

Writing this book was an adventure.  It turns out that I enjoy writing but it is a painful process!  Who would have guessed that it would be that hard.

You can download and read some excerpts from the book below and find more about the book and the Coral Triangle at http://www.coraltriangle.org

The Coral Triangle Contents The Coral Triangle Preface The Coral Triangle Foreword The Coral Triangle Credits The Coral Triangle Sample

Action Asia articles

As part of the project to write a book about the Coral Triangle, Eric Madeja and I are publishing a series of articles in Action Asia magazine.  The first two have appeared:

November 2013: Pearls in Shells about sea turtles in Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia (038-39 Env)

January 2014: Growing pains: Entering its second decade, the young nation of Timor-Leste is trying to forge an identity that melds sustainability with the need to develop its economy (032-33 Environment Jan14)

March 2014: Fresh fish, same old problems: Like so many places in the Coral Triangle, Palawan is struggling to find ways to make the valuable live reef food fish trade more sustainable (036-38 Environment Mar14)

May 2014: In palm oil’s uncertain grip: The growth of the industry in Papua New Guinea helped lead to the discovery of Kimbe Bay’s rich reefs, but it is also one of the threats to those same reefs (034-36 Environment May14)

July 2014: Divided islands, shared fate? Uncertainty about climate and about communities’ ability to manage their impacts clouds the future of the beautiful Solomon Islands (coming soon)