Family time

I got to spend a few weeks with family around the New Year and it was great!   My cousin’s daughter got married in Pennsylvania and it was a great opportunity to see everyone at one time.  My mother drove up with her Roadtrek camper and parked it in Pam and Kevin’s driveway.  They set me up in side room near the fireplace and the wood burning stove.

Jingxi keeping warm.

Jingxi keeping warm.

Some of the highlights (not including the wedding, obviously) include…. navigating Kevin’s dead car (video) while under tow, walks and playing with Jingxi (videos: Jingxi’s tree, Jingxi’s tire, Jingxi’s leash), shopping at the Peter Becker thrift shop with my mother, New Year’s Eve at Stan and Marisol’s house, watching football, driving to Wilmington, Delaware with my mom, and generally hanging out with everyone.

After the wedding trip, I was lucky enough to get to spend a few days in Cairo and catch up with my father and cousins.  It has been years since I spent any time with my cousin Nihal or her two daughters.  Malak was also staying at Nihal’s house with her little Omar.  The poor little guy was teething but after a day or so, he warmed up and was fun to hang around with.

Mehri made lots of time to take me around Cairo to visit some old churches, mosques, a synagogue and some galleries.  Nihal and I had a nice evening at an old Cairo cafe and then a walk around downtown admiring some of the old office buildings.

It was really nice to spend time with family.  Its hard having family in lots of different places, but it is the way my life has always been.

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