Broaden your horizons…… How many high school seniors write that in their Yearbook?  (Do they even still have Yearbooks?)  Travel is supposed to broaden your horizons.  If that is the case, I must have super broad horizons!  I AM getting broader…. but…..

I find myself really liking the panorama function on my iPhone, so I take them quite often.  Here are the ones that are my new (office) laptop.


Uluwatu, Bali sunset

Uluwatu, Bali sunset

The bane of my life - conference rooms.  :-)

The bane of my life – conference rooms. 🙂


Banda Aceh river at sunset


Small fishing port on the west coast of Aceh province. In December 2004, this was wiped out by the earthquake and tsunami


Lagoon on the coast of Aceh’s west coast. Stunningly beautiful place.


Shark catches. Can we ever make this sustainable?


Traditional fishing port in Lombok, Indonesia


East Lombok Marine Protected Area – no tourists. Yet.

East Lombok MPA

East Lombok MPA

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    Hi Weightless Sorry 😐 but we cannot download the photos!

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    Sent from my iPhone >

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